Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Lately the Kollywood industry has been throwing up some good films which down plays the drama and gives reality a boost and Subramanyapuram seems to have taken a leaf out of that success formula. Even right at the beginning you would clearly know that this is one movie, which is going to underplay the technical aspects and focus more on reality.

It is a tale of a few young men whose lives go astray thanks to their loyalty to their close ones. Azhagar(Jai) and Paraman (sasi kumar) are two typical young men who are jobless and disobey their families. But they are loyal to Somu, an ex councilor and his brother Kanagan. Kasi(Kanja Karuppu), along with his friends, Azhagar and Paraman always get into minor scuffles with everyone around. Azhagar is in love with Somu’s daughter (Swathi). Special mention has to be made of her as she steals the show without speaking a single word. Azhagar and Paraman commit a murder for Kanagan who promises to save them from the Police but later they realize that he had betrayed them. That starts a sequence of murders by Azhagar and Paraman as they seek revenge.

The opening shots seem to be shot from a hand held camera just to breathe life into an ordinary scene to make it great. The movie starts off slowly and gradually you are bound to note the change in pace. The cast and the costumes are just right and not once does one feel that it is an overdose. Actually nothing in the movie is an overdose. With an almost completely fresh cast and a new face handling the music, Subramanyapuram does not have any stars to rely on. But it doesn’t need to. The new comers fir their roles perfectly and each of their roles prove to be a necessary element for the movie’s success. James Vasanthan has unveiled a talent that is going to take him a long way. The song ‘Kangal irandhaal’ is already a super hit.

But it is not all roses. The movie meanders at a very slow pace at times for the sake of reality. Some shots are way too slow, especially that of Kasi walking for a long time towards the end, a needless waste of time, just to make the viewer anxious to know what happened and there are many scenes like these. Even though the movie begins with a murder, the screen play does not set the pulse racing and you have to wait till the intermission to step into the actual crux of the story. The second half sets a reasonable pace, even though it is nothing unpredictable – old wine in an old bottle (1980s). But at the end one just feels that something is amiss. Subramanyapuram just fails to keep you tied down, as the movie takes its own time to get into full swing. Anyway it is definitely party time for realistic cinema lovers.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


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Saturday, July 5, 2008


Bruce Banner is back and along with him the Hulk, as angry and as huge as ever. ‘The Incredible Hulk’ movie is the second of the Hulk series. The original gave glimpses of how the Hulk came in to being and how Bruce went back to restraining himself towards the end of the tale.

Now Bruce is back and he has succeeded to keep himself calm for a few months. The military is after him. But thanks to some anger management techniques, Bruce keeps the Hulk on a leash within himself. But obviously it can’t last. The Hulk needs an able villain and in comes ‘The Abomination’ as ferocious as Hulk if not more and now Bruce has to change back to the Hulk and save the Earth from the Abomination. Dialogues take a back seat as the two monsters fight it out. Battle field Earth. The stunt scenes are truly breathtaking.

The incredible Hulk is here to stay. But one might pity the subcontinent audience as they have been forced to view only a brutally edited version of the movie with the distributors deciding to remove around 25 minutes of the movie. Nevertheless the movie is still a gripping one to watch and the Hulk might just keep you at the edge of your seats most of the time.